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JULY 2010


Tonight is the second semi final of the World Cup in South Africa. In my view has the World Cup been quite boring with too much emphasis on tactics, preventing the opposition to score than rather go for it! Even Brazil has taken the organisational route in a bid to achieve success.

Tonights semi final is a repeat of the Euro 2008 final and Germany’s chances for a victory now is much bigger than it was at that time. Germany were at the time not as good as they are now, and Spain have been nowhere near their potential but are still in the semi final. The reason Spain have not been as good as before, I think, is injuries on key players in the build up to the World Cup, and they need time to get back to normal level. Well, that is except for Fernando Torres who has looked like a school boy for the whole tournament. Without David Villa they would all have been on holiday by now, but I have a feeling they will be more like their usual self in the SF and be in the final come Sunday.

Germany has been a positive surprise, but they could have been eliminated already in the group stages. They had to scramble for a 1-0 victory against Ghana in the last match to go through. They thoroughly deserved the credits they’ve got, and it is nice that a young side has done so well. Even though they rode the luck against England with that disallowed goal people will talk about forever. Remember, they still had that bit of luck you need.

The same against Argentina where they scored after 2-3 minutes to unsettle the opponent. Argentina did not manage to equalise on the chances they had, they never found their rhythm and Germany struck 3 times in the last 15 minutes or so to make it a flattering scoreline. Again, the decisive moments went their way. It was fully deserved, but the critical small things you need in the World Cup knock out stages went their way. I think it will stop tonight, but only time will tell.


Nice to start my blog with a correct prediction. I do not think it will last forever though, but Spain were back to its usual self moving the ball around making it very difficult for the opponents to break them down. Except for the shot from Toni Kroos just after he entered the pitch as a substitute, and a penalty appeal towards the end Germany did not have much. In comparison, Spain missed a few chances, and had some long range efforts just outside of the posts. Maybe Spain hit form by swapping Fernando Torres with the young and lively Pedro?


Little is happening around in the football world as we build up to the final between Spain and the Netherlands. To me, this has probably been the most boring World Cup since 1990. Specially as play in knock out stages most of the time has been overcautious and defensive tactics. Not really any match has made one think: “Wow, what a classic! It has been more drama than good play that has created the headlines like the final minute between of extra time between Uruguay and Ghana.

So, who are the winners? We do not know yet, but the winner for years will be the nation of South Africa for the way they have handled the World Cup and the atmosphere that has been created. If Nelson Mandela is well and will be handing out the trophy to either the captain of Spain or the Netherlands it will be the most emotional day ever for the whole world relating to football and will stick in our memories as long as we live. Please, may it happen!


The World Cup final is over, and it will go down in history as one of the most boring ever. In my lifetime it's only 1990 final between West Germany and Argentina we can compare it too. Spain won for their first time in history and the Netherlands lost for the third time in a final. That is about it of what I will remember of the final. 

I did not care so much about who would win, but hoped a rather dull World Cup would end with a more memorable match than this. Once more in football I realised it was a big hype from media and the like, and more about defending and organisation. Far away from the "master of total football" in 1974, Johan Cruyff who said they were also playing with joy. In this World Cup it was only Argentina and Germany we looked forward to watching again and again ...