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What shall I write here? Maybe just a brief introduction about myself? Who I am? Or? I don't know.

I am a man with many nicknames, that's for sure. I am most widely known as "Rossi" (specially in Norway where I grew up), but maybe the one I have liked the most was when I sometimes was called "The crazy Norwegian" while living in the Netherlands. Every Monday morning when we came to work we always talked what we had been doing during the week-ends. Most of the people had been partying while I travelled all around the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium to watch football matches. I went to the most bizarre places, but it was a lot of fun. I will never regret it, and people just shook their head in disbelief in the office!

So, hopefully will you enjoy this site and it would be cool if you send me a mail or leave something on the messageboard when it is up and running. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the day!